Financial Advisors Help Clients Achieve Financial Security

Recent financial reports indicate that roughly 75 percent of Americans don’t have the savings needed to get them through their retirement years. With the increased threat of Social Security not providing the level of assistance in the future that current retirees enjoy, it’s time to take a proactive stance to ensure your financial future. Financial Advisors Cumming routinely recommend everyone take the time now to develop a truly effective financial plan.

Dealing With Unique Needs

Since virtually every person or family has somewhat unique needs and goals, customizing a financial plan for the future is vitally important. While online and printed guides cover general financial topics, the financial advisors understand how clients can benefit from tailored strategies that will achieve their long-term goals. If you have yet to establish a retirement plan, now is the time to do so.

Sacrifices Will Be Necessary

In the majority of instances, investing in your financial future will require some level of sacrifice. For example, buying that new SUV may have to wait for another year or two to ensure an adequate percentage of income is dedicated to a savings plan. It’s also important to realize that borrowing from the retirement funds may well be possible, but advisors strongly recommend against doing so. The penalties are too great, and the retirement plan can be set back significantly.

Vary the Investment Vehicles

In most cases, a financial advisor will strongly recommend a balanced approach to investing. That simply means not putting all the funds into one area. Stock portfolios should always be diversified to minimize risks, and other investment vehicles should be carefully screened to ensure they will be compatible with your long-term objectives. The investment experts will suggest various approaches that provide reasonable returns while, at the same time, keep risks at acceptable levels. Remember, while younger savers may be able to recover if a riskier investment sours, older individuals might be wiser to avoid high-risk options.

Monitor Your Investments

Finally, it’s always important to carefully track your investments. As circumstances evolve, it’s prudent to move away from some types of investments. If the financial advisors recommend changes, explore the rationale with them before making any decisions.

For more information, contact a financial services expert today. The CFP Cumming staff is available to review your current financial status and suggest ways to ensure your retirement will be adequately funded.


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